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Attempting to enter the UK market without preparation can potentially harm your business, resulting in wasted time, effort, and opportunities. Determining if your business is ready for exporting can be quite complex, and getting professional help from an expert in this field is always advisable. However, as a starting point, you can complete a simple self-assessment to see if your company is moving in the right direction to enter the UK market.

Before you start the self-assessment, please note the following:

1. This self-assessment includes 36 questions that are categorised into four main areas:
a. Management readiness
b. Resource readiness
c. Production readiness
d. Export planning readiness

2. Please ensure that you respond to all questions keeping your main export product in mind.

3. All the questions have been designed in a simple YES-NO format, and your score will be a number ranging from 0 to 36, with 0 indicating the least preparedness for export and 36 indicating complete readiness.

4. At the beginning of the questionnaire, you will respond to queries about your business. We do not share your information with any external parties.

5. After completion, feel free to get in touch with Krisz to discuss your results.