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Helping companies enter and expand their business in Britain

Brit Consulting is a consulting firm that helps businesses to enter and expand in the UK market with a particular focus on creating links between Hungary and the United Kingdom. Simplifying your entry into the UK market is our goal, and we hope that the information and resources we provide will save you a tremendous amount of time and wasted effort.

We differ from conventional consulting firms as we not only help you understand your options for entering the UK market, but we provide hands-on assistance in running and growing a successful business in the United Kingdom.

We use a proven method to evaluate your export readiness and develop a successful market entry strategy for your organisation. Our team of experts with many years of UK business environment experience provide support and guidance in all the critical areas for a successful entry into the UK market.

Whatever stage you are at in your business, we are here to help you achieve your goals by providing a bespoke solution for evaluating market opportunities, generating sales, and managing operations.

Our Team

Well-connected people with extensive business experience in the UK

Our Process

Streamlined process for a successful market entry

Step 1 – Understand

Creating Your “Market Entry” Plan

For a successful launch into the UK market, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of how your new product or service fits into the target market. This involves evaluating key market components, such as analysing competitors, grasping market trends, customer segmentations, purchasing behaviour, identifying the appropriate distribution channels, developing pricing strategies, and planning effective promotion methods. All of these factors are crucial for a successful UK market entry.

Step 2 – Prepare

Developing Your Business Operation

Extensive knowledge and experience are required to successfully execute all the legal and operational activities required for trading and serving customers in the United Kingdom. It is crucial to validate the elements of your entry strategy to ensure efficient sales fulfilment. This entails adapting your existing processes and experiences to the British market, localising your offering to align with cultural and linguistic norms, and optimising your sales potential.

Step 3 – Launch

Starting and Growing Your Business

We believe that attaining and surpassing your predetermined goals is a result of a balance between discipline and entrepreneurial nimbleness. In order to accomplish this, we provide you with access to resources and local expertise, thereby supporting the execution of your market entry plan and facilitating the swift attainment of a sustainable market share in the UK. We are committed to offering tailored solutions that can effectively help your British business grow.

Our Expertise

Customised solutions to help accelerate your growth

Market entry strategy

When a company decides to enter the UK market, it is crucial to have a well-thought-out plan to decrease risks and increase the likelihood of success. Developing a UK market entry plan, which includes several critical components, is essential to this procedure. Defining your objectives, evaluating the market and local competition, determining your entry strategy, and determining your funding needs are imperative to make informed decisions. In addition, documenting your plan and cooperating with accountants can provide a thorough and impartial perspective of your company’s market position. Your company’s current status, capabilities, resources, costs, and risk tolerance will all impact the best approach. By having and implementing a comprehensive market entry strategy, you significantly improve your chances of success in the UK market.
Brand Management 

In order to satisfy the requirements of the UK market, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of British culture and social norms. Our native brand strategist will assess social trends and gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, its products, and services to ensure that each project is guided by a well-planned strategy. After defining and approving the brand strategy, we will design and implement the visual aspects of your brand, including your online presence, packaging, graphics, and messaging. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that all of your communications, whether in print, online or in person, are integrated and consistent, providing you with a unified brand experience across all UK consumer touchpoints.

Business Development 

We offer comprehensive guidance and hands-on support throughout the entire business development process in the United Kingdom. This includes locating suitable partners and distributors, arranging meetings and increasing customer engagement. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in optimising your exposure and growth potential to increase your return on investment. The key to your success is building strong relationships with prospective clients. Our outbound and inbound marketing activities are designed to connect you with relevant potential customers, thereby boosting your sales and brand visibility. Our fully managed digital marketing services will help you to reach your target audience online and produce measurable results. We tailor our strategy to your specific requirements and collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process, providing data-driven insights and
regular updates on our progress.

Customs, Logistics & Distribution 

We offer specialised assistance to guide you through international import and export procedures, laws, and paperwork. Our services also include customs clearance and import/export documentation to help you confidently interact with British governments. Our logistics solutions allow for efficient order fulfilment and distribution, regardless of whether the orders are placed directly with customers or retailers. We take care of every aspect of the process, including collection, freight, warehouse storage, inventory management, picking, packing, and delivery to your customers in the United Kingdom.

Accounting & Company Secretarial 

If you are based abroad, handling tasks like company formation, business taxation, payment management and complying with VAT regulations in the United Kingdom can be challenging. Therefore, we have a full range of business accounting services to understand the entire operation of your firm and help your business succeed in the UK market. We also provide official contact addresses and virtual office locations with mail forwarding and telephone answering services, allowing you to work from anywhere while presenting a professional image and saving on overhead expenses. Our administrative and customer support services ensure the continued success of your business in the United Kingdom, even when you are not present.


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